Splinter :: Java App to Split Large Excel Files


Recently, I have open sourced a small application on Github, built using Java that performs splitting of a large excel file into multiple smaller files with the help of Apache POI library. It also supports files with .xlsx extensions.

This can be used as a module in the existing applications or can be used as a standalone application by implementing some User Interface for the application.

The project is completely open for contributions and improvements therefore feel free to fork or clone or download the project and if there are any contributions please feel free to generate the pull request on Github.

Please follow this link to the repository:


Motivation for this project:

In most of the applications, especially those that deal with the excel sheets often face different issues if the excel files are large enough in size.

Such files may not be opened on a computer with limited resources and therefore cannot be used for further processing if there is a need to open the excel file and verify the contents.

This application helps to handle such large excel files and splits them into separate excel files of defined number of rows which can be opened easily.

Please feel free to share what all things you may feel you could contribute to make it better.

Happy Coding!

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