Que :: Q & A Portal Built Using Ruby on Rails, Marionette JS and SQL



Have a look at my another Open Sourced Project “Que”.

As said, improvements come with constant evolutions and the evolutions are great when there are contributions coming from diverse elite minds. Therefore, feel free to modify, fork or clone the project and contribute your updates and ideas.

It is a simple Questions and Answer Portal built using Ruby on Rails, Backbone JS, Marionette JS and SQL Database.

Source Code: https://github.com/karantongay/Que

The website is live on https://cryptic-stream-87241.herokuapp.com/

It features:

1. Asking Questions

2. Answering the Questions

3. Following and Unfollowing the Users

4. User Profile Section

5. Deleting questions and answers with validation i.e. only the owner of the question or answer can perform the delete operation

This project is open for improvements and contributions.

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