Desire is what gets you started, Routine is what keeps you Going..!


Often we have a lot of ambitions and targets for which we may have stronger desires to achieve them. We start working towards them with a stimulation of motivation but later the tasks are left incomplete. Doesn’t it happen?

How about working towards our ambitions by making it a habit?

Habit naturally takes the form of a routine and the targets which earlier were left incomplete could eventually be a success, isn’t it?

Yes, making our work and desires the part of our habit and routine will definitely help us keep going!

But additionally, I feel, the habits should be chosen by proper planning. In more simple terms, the habits shall be supportive habits that make us feel effortless and helps us move closer to our goals. Else non-supportive habits may lead to draining out of energy and mere waste of time.

If such supportive habits are adopted, they spontaneously become a part of our daily routine and eventually keeps us going to move closer to our goals!!!

Thereby, only having a strong desire and ambition may not be enough, a little motivation and lots of supportive routine work along the path of our goals will ultimately keep us going until we achieve them…!


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Simplicity – The modest way to achieve Sky Rocket!

It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.

– Rabindranath Tagore

Very simple quote, isn’t it..?

Indeed, the quote seems simple at first glance, but when given a broad perspective and multiple reads we actually understand its depth..!

Often times, we circumvent our own simple thoughts and think in complexity. It is seldom when we actually understand what simplicity should be.

Let’s understand it with an example:

Almost all of us use “famous” brands in our day to day living, may it be food, electronics, clothes etc. How have they been successful in achieving the “Sky Rocket”? The answer to this is, they were “extraordinary” in convincing the people to make us realize how “simple” and easy to use their products are. Though sometimes alluring things may seem inviting, but in reality, it’s only the simplicity that seems to be reliable and acceptable, isn’t it?

Let’s compile together the “major principles” of what the simplicity can mean. They are listed as follows:

  • Being easy to understand
    • Understand what is needed to be presented and then work hard on making it cogent for the world to understand. Be Simple!
  • Being transparent and honest
    • Give the better experience to the listeners or world by being honest and providing as much transparency as you can to make understanding simple.
  • Being innovative and fresh
    • Simplicity often comes with being ourselves, and being ourselves brings innovation and freshness.
  • Being useful
    • When simplicity is adopted, things naturally become reliable and useful.


Thereby, being simple corresponds to being stable, sincere and strong which can actually help achieving Sky Rocket!

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Father’s Day..!

It’s the Father’s Day today. I am sure, many of us have a lot of respect and admiration towards our father and the need for a “special” day to express our gratitude towards our life coach is least likely to be felt.

What makes this day different is we recollect and “rebuild” all our moments and milestones which we achieved in our life and that were only possible because of all means of support given by our parents and more importantly, our father. Thus, this special day grants us to dedicate some of our time to recollect the disciplines and sacrifices of our father for us which makes us thank him for everything and express our gratitude more gracefully than we had done ever before.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Perfection – Wait for it or achieve it!

It is a fact to be thought upon, why to strive for perfection to carry out most of our tasks. Have we noticed that two clouds are never completely identical? If they would have had the same pattern, wouldn’t it be boring to see the same thing over and over again? In short, being different is what makes who we are. We often come up with different ideas almost daily, but do these ideas need to be perfect or identical? According to me, we compare our perspective of perfection with some successful or identical ideas which may restrict us to think our way i.e. differently. We know the fact that many of the successful ideas or brands were initially never regarded as perfect. They didn’t wait for perfection, they achieved it!

Perfection not only limits a person to put forward the ideas but also makes it difficult to take decisive actions. We often wait for perfection and miss the important decisions.

I remember the famous saying of great Businessman Mr. Ratan Tata:

I don’t believe in taking right decisions, I take decisions and then make them right.

Isn’t it inspiring!

If we take the decisions in time, we have ample time later to correct the actions we have taken and lead them to success, but if we wait for the things to become perfect, I would say “Time waits for nobody“. If there is a delay, someone else may put forth their similar ideas and decisions while we were striving for perfection.

Ultimately, perfection is impervious for humans. In order to achieve greatness, don’t search for perfection, it is our “decision” that is going to back our dedication to excellence and help us achieve it.

Hence, to attain excellence, don’t wait for perfection, take the decision, make it happen and finally achieve it!


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“Rebuild” – Recapturing the routine and returning back to work

Often it feels like holidays and vacations should never go off and shall be enjoyed every day. We forget all our work and routines, rejuvenate ourselves and find best ways to enjoy to the fullest.

I am sure many of us might be familiar with the old saying “Great Achievement always require sacrifice”, though not permanently, but for an undefined amount of time. Thus, the cycle of “Rebuilding” continues, Rebuilding our work routine, academic routine, or continuing previous uncompleted projects by rebuilding new strategies after a satisfactory break from all these. Additionally, Recapturing the memories, working on them and taking efforts to rebuild new ways to improve and learn ourselves, marking achievements and again rejuvenating.

Indeed, to keep progressing, rebuilding should be followed as a law of nature.

For many of us, end of old followings or work ethics and beginning of new academic or work structures. Though sometimes rebuilding may be difficult but that’s what makes it challenging and interesting.

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