Risk :: Can it be an asset of opportunities?

Why do we think a particular event can be a “Risk”?

Let’s take an example.

The time when we don’t know how to drive, that time we do think, driving without the knowledge of how to drive is a risk and its not at all safe. Not taking this risk is the most correct and wise decisions at this moment. Whereas after we learn how to drive with a trainer’s assistance, then again, initially, driving a car alone can again be matter of risk, but eventually with only a little hesitation we become confident enough to to take the risk of driving alone because we know that we have gained sufficient knowledge and some very basic practice of driving a car and taking this risk will not be much scarier as it was before when we didn’t knew how to drive at all. Taking the risk with a sufficient knowledge of the result of that action, will lead to much favourable outcomes and such actions are often called as “Calculated Risks”.

To infer, taking Risk is nothing but lack of necessary or basic information or knowledge of that event.

“Risk is no gamble.”

Yes it is said right, to push your limits and achieve your dreams, we must definitely take risks. But risks without direction and calculations often lead to non productive decisions. Of course some decision are very time critical and in such situations I personally advise that one should at least get clear about where he wants to lead and have one or more reasons to support how important it is to take that risk.

When one gains the necessary knowledge about why that particular event called “Risk” is necessary to be taken, one also gets the confidence of getting through obstacles that may or may not arise through the event, and eventually, this event which we call “Risk” no longer seems to be scarier but that Risk gets converted into an Opportunity. And as we know there is nothing called failure, rather its learning and just a step closer to the success, therefore the results that arise out of taking the opportunity (or risk) makes the person ready and confident to achieve success in life.

By gathering some strong reasons and necessary knowledge about the event, we can convert these Risks into an asset of opportunities.

Understanding the Power of “Now”!

Let me begin with a great quote:

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. ”

Indeed a fascinating quote!

We often read and hear “Stay in Present”. Have you ever wondered how energized one can feel if one follows this simple statement? Ironically, it is sometimes not simple to follow the simplicity. According to me, the statement “Stay in Present” can really be a broad term. We all know that it is neither possible to go into the past nor into the future which is the law of nature. That means actually we are always living in the present. Yet, we get the best pieces of advice from the best mentors in the world that one should learn to live in the “Present”. Why exactly?

Let’s Understand.

What exactly is living in the “Present”?

To be precise, one should be able to understand and differentiate between the two concepts: “Staying in Present Physically” and “Staying in Present Mentally”.

We all follow the law of nature which is “Living in Present Physically” but sometimes it is not understood that “Staying in Present Mentally” is the accurate meaning of the term “Living in Present”.

How should one assess that one is able to “Stay in Present”? According to me, when we are living in the present moment, the questions like what could have happened? or what will happen? never flash into one’s mind. Living in the moment is truly essential to be happy and get your tasks done.

It is rightly said, to fulfill one’s dreams and desires, it is important to understand the power of “Now” and accomplish the tasks in the present moment that would help you achieve your dreams. Because it is only “Now” that could build your “Next”, hence to be happy, never postpone it for the future rather design it in the present to get the foundation built for your dreams to fulfill.

Imagineering…! Engineering Imagination

Since the very beginning, imagination is the part of the progress of our lives. It is the power of imagination that has always led to the creation of remarkable structures and theories may it be in the area of computer science, aviation technology, healthcare, understanding people etc. It’s the imagination that has helped to create the number of possibilities to achieve the milestones which once seemed to be difficult to realize.

Most of the times, unreachable imagination seems to be alluring, but such thoughts can be molded to their practical existence with a proper application of knowledge and yes, Engineering!

What if Engineering can be brought about with Imagination?

Circumventing the insignificant and coming to the discussion, I believe, Engineering with Imagination should be the key to achieving higher accomplishments.

In short, Engineering + Imagination leads to “Imagineering”.

Very creative term, isn’t it?

Learning Engineering with a very minimum understanding of how to implement it in practicality would actually not worth more. In fact, understanding comes with positive imagination. Thereby, not only Engineering but “Imagineering” can help achieve more than just Engineering!

The term Imagineering is the most respected and widely practiced in “Walt Disney Inc”, of course, we are closely familiar with this corporation…!


(Image Source: www.ryylxjw.com)