AI Chatbots – Can they transform user experience?


Over a few months, the term chatbots have gained overwhelming popularity and are at the forefront.

The enthusiasts of Artificial Intelligence are very well known about the “Turing Test” which is understood to be the criterion for intelligence. In Turing Test, “if the human being conducting the test is unable to consistently determine whether an answer has been given by a computer or by another human being, then the computer is considered to have ‘passed’ the test.” This test was not passed in a satisfying manner by most of the AI systems.

But chatbots have been successful in passing the Turing Test!!!

So, how chatbots can transform the user experience?

Let me explain with an example:

Consider a scenario, where we need some information about the documents required for getting a driving license. Most of the times the information is displayed on respective websites. But still contacting an official is considered to be a better option in order to avoid multiple visits due to one or the another reason. Sometimes, many people have the same questions and even for any official to answer the routine questions can be time-consuming. This is where chatbots can help. Chatbots can address multiple people at the same time, answering their routine questions. If they are programmed well they could avoid multiple visits for the people thereby making the process less tedious and faster.


To explain in brief, chatbots are the computer programs that are designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. These systems are generally used in dialog systems for various practical purposes such as customer service or information acquisition. Some chatbots also use Natural Language Processing Systems.


Chatbots can help improve the customer service of any business by providing immediate customer support, carrying out a specialized task, increasing sales and seamless mobile experience. Additionally, they can also find a place in education systems where they can be used as a tutoring resource for students and also would be helpful to answer routine questions while freeing up time for humans.

Chatbots can be helpful for many reasons. Many people already use messaging apps and they are pervasive. Besides, chatbot contents are easy to read as they are short and to the point. Moreover, they work perfectly in low bandwidth because they are short and text-based messages and don’t require high-speed internet.

At the top, taking into consideration different features and technical advantages of chatbots, it can be understood beyond doubt that it can be a beginning of the AI revolution and can indeed transform the user experience to the great extent!

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