The limitless possibility of experimenting and the instant knowledge of the conclusion that stimulates one for further analysis of a rationale in question is what I find most appealing about the field of “Computer Engineering”.  I believe that maintaining an inquisitive, positive and explorative attitude leads to a constant learning process.

I was introduced to computer science while at secondary school. As I was sixteen, I decided to build my computing system to unravel mysteries. My passion was greatly nurtured by my “Parents”. I used to keep abreast of latest innovations in computing technologies through IEEE journals and technology blogs on novel technological trends. This keen interest in computers led me to pursue computer engineering.

Throughout my study, I have endeavored to gain a broad perspective of Computer Science. This has developed a fascination for Database Management Systems, Cloud Computing, Algorithms and Programming Languages which has given me the need to put my skills into more live and actual practices in computer science industries.

I attended many workshops hosted by Microsoft and Amazon in India, most of them were on “Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, and Internet of Things”. Additionally, I carried out meticulous analysis of revolutionizing inventions and phrases of Kevin Ashton (Father of Internet of Things) and Eben Upton (Creator of Raspberry Pi).

Consequently, I realized that Distributed and Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Secured Networking is the ideal discipline which I have been looking to invest my potential.

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